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I’m feeling a little nostalgic today. My grandparents planned on visiting our new place but something came up so we’re going to reschedule. I’ll blog about their visit in the future. Instead here are some photos that Elizabeth took before we moved.

 photo IMG_1256_zps0xfhpzmy.jpg

My childhood playhouse. Papa built it and we all painted it together. There’s handprints from myself and childhood friends all over it. The inside is used as storage now but the walls are lined with dry erase boards and there’s a bunk bed Papa built out of wood. I used to play school, house and my neighbor and I shared a Barbie foldable dollhouse which was perfect for travelling between our homes.

 photo IMG_1267_zpsvet7xitt.jpg
We used to have a tire swing secured to a huge tree. This is something we probably did to have somewhere to sit after the bigger one broke. It’s child sized.

 photo IMG_1294_zpsv6lpwohk.jpg
 photo IMG_1332_zpshoboqzbe.jpg

Some of my best memories from my childhood are when Nana would garden and I would get to help. Though I don’t think either of us have green thumbs.

 photo IMG_1336_zpsc7nanuej.jpg
The most photogenic tree in the yard. It’s a Japanese Red Maple.

 photo IMG_1313_zpsne75krtc.jpg

Happy Tuesday,


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