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In an alternate universe where I’m President of the United States…


For MLK day, Elizabeth and I visited The Jimmy Carter National Historic Site.

IMG_1912.JPGMy eyes were closed but look how huge this building is!

Plains is a small town of around 800, about two and a half hours from Atlanta. It was perfect for our little day trip and we spent three hours walking around, exploring and taking pictures. All photo cred goes to Elizabeth who you can find here.


First stop: Plains High School, which is now a museum and visitor’s center (pictured above) where the volunteers were super friendly and chock full of information about Mr. Carter and his life – they even invited us to play Bingo at the Senior Center. The Principal’s office, auditorium,and classroom were restored and furnished, so it was really like stepping back in time.

Second stop: The Plains Train Depot was his Presidential Campaign Headquarters in 1975 and is now a museum focusing on his campaign. It only served passenger trains until 1951.



Third stop: Strolling around the town, we took pictures of various buildings and found a souvenir shop that sold homemade peanut butter ice cream (yum!), peanuts in all forms, jams etc. There weren’t many locals around but the people we met in shops were nice and we got to try free samples before we bought ice cream and peanuts. They were so good! I lucked up and found fig jam for my Papa’s birthday in February.




Fourth stop: The Boyhood Farm was where he lived from the age of 4 until he left for college. It was also restored and furnished to its appearance before electricity was installed in the 1930’s. They even have tour guides on the weekends but we went on a Monday. I think I prefer exploring on my own and listening to the history at the audio stations scattered around the farm.




Our last stop was the Jimmy Carter peanut! It’s the first thing we saw when coming into Plains – you can’t miss a 13 foot tall peanut. Here’s the one photo I took during the trip.

Elizabeth and the peanut  – sounds like a title for a children’s book.

It was a short trip, but I recommend it to anyone who loves history and small towns. We’ll definitely be taking more trips like this in the future.

Happy Travels,


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